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you are watching the station that works for you "good morning maryland." an overnight stay for nearly a dozen people staying at the ronald mcdonald's house. what investigators are ruling as a possible cause. we have the details ahead. a child in harford county is hospitalized and the woman who came to the child's aid. >> those stories ahead and a really moving story downtown where we find linda so. >> reporter: firefighters are heading to town. thousands of them. and i am linda so, why the firehouse expo may have you in tears. >> but first this morning, the story again baking, boiling, and punishing. the heat is causing roads to
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buckle. northern parkway to show you rather northern louisiana first. northern parkway will come later. city crews are repairing this, what they call a blowup. crews say the lack of rain is cause everything to dry up underneath. and certainly the high temperatures are forcing city codes schools to have a code red summer program. they are close lost schools today and tomorrow. >> the closure affects schools that don't have air conditioning understandable of course. how long is this oppressive heat going to hang around? let's ask lynette charles. >> good morning. it's going to linger into the beginning of the weekend. if kids have school on saturday, they will close that day as well. for today, we are dealing with scorching days and we have the excessive heat warning in effect this afternoon. high humidity and temperatures have been the name of the gail and the rule of -- game and the rule of thumb. heat index up to 110. but it won't be as sizzling.
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now sizzling is my choice of words goingthrough the end of the weekend. i am thinking temperatures will be in the mid-90s instead of the triple digits. look at for today. the heat warning and you can see it in the pink. and it's in effect for the entire viewing area from noon until friday. and then maryland's most powerful radar is dry right now and we have a chance for maybe an isolated shower or thunderstorm this afternoon. let's send it over to tonya with your traffic. >> reporter: good morning. we are seeing a little bit of improvement in terms of our accidents on the beltway. but first let's look at 95 north of 195. and this area traffic is flowing freely in both directions. southbound to the right of the screen is northbound on the left. volume is building. our earlier accident on the outer loop everything is okay. charley is fine. outer loop accident at 295 cleared out of the way. no problems there. earlier accident 95 northbound at caton on the feeder ramp, that is clearing out as well. we have a little volume approaching liberty heights on the outer loop on the northwest
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side. charley. >> thanks a lot. news time is 6:03. after ten people were taken to a hospital from the ronald mcdonald's house, it happened on west lexington street around 8:30 last night in downtown baltimore. sherrie johnson joins us with the latest on the conditions. sherrie. >> reporter: well, basically, this morning authorities are trying to figure out what made several people sick. paramedics arrived after 8:30. people were staying at the ronald mcdonald's house near the university of maryland hospital around the corner from electrickington market. 7 adults and 3 children were from that house were taken to the hospital. crews went into the house to check for co poisoning and anything else that could be hazardous. they didn't find any signs of danger and authorities say it is just too soon to tell if it was a case of food poisoning. people at the house are away from their homes to take care of sick children in baltimore. once again, authorities plan to continue looking for the cause of those illnesses later today. sherrie johnson, abc2 news.
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state police are working to solve a murder history that happened on the eastern shore. on monday, police say a man found a human skull on the tol chester ---- tolchester beach. the victim died of blunt force trauma to the head. police are investigating the death as a homicide. they say the murder happened sometime this year. harford county woman comforted a young boy after three cars slammed into each other. crash shut down bel air road near jerusalem road. rebecca called 911 and ran to help the boy. >> think he is going to be okay. kids are resilient and we are grateful. it could have been a tragedy. >> no word on what caused the crash. nbc2 is work for you. there's a new -- working for you. there's a new watchdog bureau a financial version of the
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consumer protection safety commission. abusive act or practices create a center to take consumer complaints promote financial information and monitor financial markets as well as new risks to consumers. a preschooler heads back to class in a few week, you may be worried if they have a speech impedment. you are looking at video from a focus group. this group talked about how parents can determine if their child has a speech disorder or if they are showing signs of something like autism. >> children who attend formal programs are entersering school ready to learn and that's important and that's why we are hear here to help our children to achieve and be successful. >> i want people to back away with the understanding that speech is so important for development later on for
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reading and writing. and spelling>> they discussed different programs available to give children a jump-start on school. all right here's what's happening today in maryland. orioles centerfielder adam jones will visit the boys and girls club in annapolis at 11. he is going to meet with the campers and the visit coincides with baseball week. the baseball program is part of an partnership with the cal ripkin senior foundation. badges for the program and healthy choices and healthy children anitive. it could have used offense yesterday from -- initiative. it could -- they could have used offense yesterday from jones. boston went yard not once but twice. boston 4-0 shutout of the o's takes the series. adam miller and three relevers combined 4-0 shutout of the
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o's. stick your head outside and it feels miserable. >> i almost bought a kiddy pool and you might be tempted to run through a fire hydrant. >> maybe. >> the warnings and dangers of doing this. >> reporter: how might --humidity is high and temperatures are in the 70s. i will tell you how hot it will get and how long the heat will stick around. >> reporter: if you are into firefighters and what they do, baltimore is the place to be this weekend. i am linda so, thousands will head to the convention center and why this year this convention will be extra special. also it's not just any fire truck. the significance of this rig during the 9/11 attacks. first, though, up to new york for the latest in business
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news. >> reporter: good morning. topping america's money an increase in layoffs. companies are eliminating jobs at the fastest pace in almost a year because they are not seeing economic growth. that is going to keep unemployment numbers high and discourage new consumer spending. wells fargo is going to pay 58 million to a settle charges of shady mortgage practices. the nation's largest mortgage lender was accuseded of falsifying loan -- accused of falsifying loan documents and pushing boroughs into higher priced loans. saturday mail delivery is heading the waste telegrams and you will only get mail three days a week eventually and blames soaring cost and comic con is a major player in tenseel town. two major film are opening this weekend -- tinsel town. two major film are opening this weekend. there will be previews of other film. and that's america's money. i am peggy bunker.
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mm... oh, you're welcome. what? my taste buds -- they're thanking me. uh-huh. now "good morning maryland." a fire truck used to help evacuate people from the north tower on 9/11 returned to ground zero. new york mayor michael bloomberg was among those on hand for the return. rig spent the last decade at jfk international airport and will be part of a permanent exhibit at the national september 11th memorial and knew museum scheduled to open 2342012. firefighters are taking center stage in baltimore. the city is playing host to the firehouse expo and there's a special 9/11 tribute for all fallen firefighters who respond on that day -- who responded on that day. linda so is live with more
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onwhat's planned. >> reporter: several moving tributes. a lot of firefighters will be coming here to the baltimore convention center to remember what happened ten years ago on 9/11. joining us this morning is have beeny who lost his brother -- vinny who lost his brother in the attack. >> well, it was a rough day for my family and myself. that morning i. sat on the end of my bed and watched the flames hit the building. and going through my mind was what was going and happening. and next thing i knew i. watched the buildings come down. it's gotten phone calls from one of my former firefighters that i worked with. we went down to the scene later that evening and the next -- i spent four months there in the rescue and recovery effort. but it devastated my family my brother leaving one chide and one child unborn and it took alot out of us and the rest of
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the families. i do counseling with the fire department in new york and the aftermath is devastating ten years later. it is the hurt is there and people called me after they got bin laden and it can't bring pete back. it's great that the government did what they had to do but still can't bring pete back. and they have given us a forum here to -- there's a tribute wall opened to the public today and up until saturday and i -- if everybody in the area wants to see a beautiful and appropriate memorial, come down to the center down here convention center and come see it. >> reporter: and really, this is about remembering but not only 9/11 happened but that so many lives were lost especially those firefighters who were so brave to go down there to save people. >> well, there were almost 3,000 people lost on that building that day. the people went to work and did
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their thing as an american and some were not americans but the american dream was there and the people that perpetrated this crime on our country, it was devastating to families compound 3,000 people with the pentagon and planes that went down in shanksville, by 100 fold it was families and everybody that knew everybody. when you go upstairs and see the tribute that has been given usfrom the better angels foundation, it's emotionally it is draining for me to see you know i see the 343 firefighters and i knows there's 2700 more people that lost their lives and i would like to have all the pictures everywhere, you know. doing their thing and then somebody wanting -- didn't like the way we lived here in this country and killed them. >> reporter: and thanks so much for joining us this morning i know that means a lot to you. he lost his brother on 9/11 and we will have much more on the convention what you can find here and that moving tribute coming up in the newscast.
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back to you. >>. >> iraq is dealing with a public safety issue. 19,000 hydrants are spread out across the city of milwaukee. almost 50 of the hydrants have been opened illegally. three have been damaged to the point where they can't be used in the case of a fire and fixing them is not cheap costing from 800 dollars to more than $3500. >> unreal. big winners during the heatwave are ice cream shops. double digit increases in the business because there's no such thing as bad ice cream cones but there's signs how different it will melt. the height sugar content, the less likely it will melt faster -- the higher the sugar
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content, the less likely it will melt faster. is it too early for ice cream? >> no. that's what i have meteorologist orders. i put that on my facebook sometimes and the meteor gist orders a ice cream, ice cream and more ice cream. yes. it's going to be a hot one. right now, that moisture is coming in at 75. that's the dew point. so we are feeling oppressive everywhere close do 8 -- to 08 in east ofnlt it's -- 80 in easton. it is sicken outside. the -- sickening outside. the weather pattern has the heat moving into today, tomorrow and saturday. the satellite radar not picking up on a lot. we will see plenty of sunshine going throughout the day. hazy in nature but the sunshine is beating down on us. slight chance for maybe an isolated shower or thunderstorm to move in as we go into the afternoon. but the tropics we have to look at this. keeping you updated on this, tropical storm bret and tropical storm seconde is -- cindy is pushing away from the
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united states. that's what we like to see. today, the temperature is close to 99. that excessive heat warning is in effect meaning the temperatures will feel like we are at 110. and 78 degrees this evening. steam bath and hazy and stick imtomorrow that temperature even hotter. coming in at 101 will feel like it's about 115 and check out 7- day forecast as we will get hotter through tomorrow and saturday triple digits as well. and then we cool down as we go into the 90s. let's go over to tonya with traffic. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. thanks. good morning 70 eastbound from columbia pike no incidents in your way. should be a fine trip. let's look at harbor tunnel 895, no problems to report. that is southbound starting to get volume slowing down just as i said no problems. we will find out if there's anything going on in the tunnel. 50 eastbound at severn river bridge a car fire reported there. 95 northbound at caton we have an incident on the feeder ramp and good news, a reopening of
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an intersection. utility work is over east monument between north highland and north dean. megan. >> in the month following the death of a michigan basketball star, state cardiologist have been teaming up offering all sorts of help. and they are doing this offering with free heart screenings for student athletes. it turns out that it may have saved one student's life. 16-year-old mason played high school football when he took part in a free heart screening in june. doctors spotted a problem and diagnosed him with a heart condition that can lead to episodes of rapid heart rate and death sometimes. thankfully a. fairly simple surgery this month fixed his heart condition and he is now doing light conditioning for football season. >> all right. moments agos in a' 30-year space program came to an end ending when atlantis touched down in florida. there was a record crowe of 2000 watching -- crowd of 2000 watching from the landing strip. images we have are dark.
6:19 am
>> you can see some from inside the cockpit which was kind of cool. but we will bring more pictures to you as they become available. this is a live picture from florida with the atlantis on the ground. no doubt the astronauts got off in front of cheering crowds. so, a great day in history. >> yeah. the first launch was april 12th, 1981 which was columbia. the last mission touched down 5:57 eastern daylight time and atlantis is going to be shipped, believe, to california where it will live in museum forever. he rawness stable of news outlets and is worth billions of dollar. >> now the attack on rupert murdock's media empire continues. it's time we send this nontaxpayer back where he he came. >> british hearings shift to the political leaders who is it
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welcome back on this thursday morning. rupert murdock is back in the u.s. after emerging unscatheed from a british parliamentary hearing on the phone hack scandal. >> his new corps face a host of challenges in the united states. the company is accused of phone hack and police bribee by journalists and now controversy had british -- the controversy had british lawmakers irate. >> he should apologize for the catastrophic error of judgment he made. >> the company must confront two u.s. based share hoarld lawsuits and standard and poor
6:24 am
downgrade and beginning of a federal investigation. hillary clinton's tour of india has taken her to southern parts of the country. in 2010 she announced a global alliance for clean cook stoves a u.n. led partnership aimed towards make households across the u.s. safer using stoves that are more energy and heatefficient -- efficient. heavy snow left several people stranded in chile. people are digging out after a massive snowstorm dumped 6 feet of snow in the area. emergency crews are been work to clear the -- working to clear the roadways. meteorologist say this is the most snow they have seen in thee decades. and if you plan a be -- three decades. if you plan a trip to this island, you will look at ice island drifting off the coast of new finland in canada. the ice is about the size of manhattan. researchers say it broke off from one of greenland's glaciersa year ago and has been melting slowly. the u.s. coast guard has been
6:25 am
studying it from the sky. nfl players have taken their share of hits over the years. >> and now they are hitting back in the courtroom this time. the lawsuit dozens have filed and the justice they have looking for this -- they are look for. and borders wars between the u.s. and mexico. the website that wants to keep illegals out of the country. before going to break, we will go to cape canaveral. a live picture where space shuttle atlantis land about 30 minutes ago. you are watching or, "good morning maryland" first and only at 4:30 in the morning.
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you are watching the station that works for you "good morning maryland." it's billionaires against millionaires right? tok you not meet in the middle somewhere? >> we want to know that. are you rade for football in they -- ready for football? they move closer to a deal. how soon can it be signed, sealed and delivered. >> we don't get the male like we used to. in the old days there was a limit on the mail you receive and the billions of dollars that could be lost. and baltimore city mayor is proposing dropping the property taxes in the next decade. what her opponents are saying about this proposal. those stories are just ahead. >> gl first, it's all about the heat and ----
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first, it's all about the heat and the heat dome. we are in for hotter temperatures today but the relei leaf may not come until next week and that's a big question. i believe tuesday is when they circled as a possible day of delays. >> we are looking forward to that. those high temperatures are forcing city schools code red summer programs to be closed today and tomorrow. >> it affects schools that don't have air conditioning and that's understandable. as we go to lynette charles with more on the heat, lynette what is it? we have heard the heat dome what's going on? >> it's big area of high pressure like you said that is in the middle of the nation and it is moving towards us. so, with that, it is heating things up. we call it a bubble of high pressure and a heat dome but it's big area of high pressure sliding towards us. with that, we have the heat in place but it's going to get hotter and that's why we have the humidity and heat. we have an excessive heat warning that goes in effect this afternoon until friday evening. and basically it's encompassing our entire viewing area

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